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School/Worksite Social Funding Request


Guidelines & Application for applying for TGIF/Social Funding

1. Social event funding available per school/worksite:

     Base amount $25.00 or $5.00/member present at event.

2. Subsidy can only be one time access per school year/worksite.

3. To receive funding, the organizer must:

√   Complete the online request form

        √   Fund is to be used for the purchase of food only;

√  Receipts for the purchase of food must be forwarded to the ETFO-UCL Office,     Brockville, c/o Treasurer for reimbursement (original receipts). Please use the ETFO-UCL Expense Claim form.

4. Organizer must prearrange event with the steward and the steward be the one to apply.

5. The organizer of the event is responsible for notifying all ETFO-UCL members at their school/worksite of the event.

6. The social event must not take place at school.

7. Application below must be received by the ETFO-UCL Office one week prior to event taking place.

8. Funding available from October 1st to May 31st.

9. Please utilize the ETFO-UCL Accessibility Needs Form when informing potential participants.


TGIF - School Social Funding Request

ETFO-UCL Accessibility Needs Form - WORD

ETFO-UCL Accessibility Needs Form - PDF