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School/Worksite Social Funding Request


Guidelines & Application for applying for TGIF/Social Funding

1. Social event funding available per school/worksite:

     Base amount $25.00 OR $5.00/member present at event.

2. Subsidy can only be one time access per school year/worksite.

3. To receive funding, the organizer must:

√   Complete the online request form

        √   Fund is to be used for the purchase of food only;

√  Receipts for the purchase of food must be forwarded to the ETFO-UCL Office,     Brockville, c/o Treasurer for reimbursement. Please use the ETFO-UCL Expense Claim form (will be sent with approval e-mail).

4. Organizer must prearrange event with the steward and the steward be the one to apply.

5. The organizer of the event is responsible for notifying all ETFO-UCL members at their school/worksite of the event.

6. The social event must not take place at school.

7. Application below must be received by the ETFO-UCL Office one week prior to event taking place.

8. Funding available from October 1st to May 31st.

9. Please utilize the ETFO-UCL Accessibility Needs Form when informing potential participants.


ETFO-UCL Accessibility Needs Form - WORD

ETFO-UCL Accessibility Needs Form - PDF