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 I am a contract elementary teacher with the UCDSB (not on recall) and therefore a member of the ETFO-UCL.*

  Please check this box if this is so.

*please note that members on self-financed or preg./parental leaves are eligible to apply for funding.

Home Telephone:

Email Address:

School/work site:

School/work site telephone:

School/work site fax:


UCDSB Employee #

Professional Activity (e.g., seminar, conference, course, workshop. etc.

Title of Activity or Course:

Activity Provider:

Beginning Date:

Completion Date:

Funding Request - (A maximum of $750, including the OT costs, will be provided. Please estimate other costs to their predicted maximum).

Registration Fee

Accommodation Fee

Car Travel: (km X $0.50)

Other Travel: (train/plane/taxi)

Meal Costs: (max. $70/day)

Parking Costs:

Occasional Teacher Costs: (Max. 1 day)

Other Expenses: (with explanation)

Required Notification: Once approved, your principal is to be notified of this activity and a copy sent to dalefund@gmail.com

I have read the Terms of Reference below:

Occasional Teacher Required:


½ day

Full day

Email Address confirmation:

Elementary Professional Development Fund Application Form #1  - 2017/2018

(for professional courses, seminars, conferences & workshops)