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SHEREEN ZAKY - Executive Candidate

Shereen Zaky is a classroom teacher at Thousand Islands Elementary School in the western region of UCDSB. Over her 25 year career she has taught grades K through 6. She has been a proud ETFO member since 2002. Shereen was a school Steward for many years, and served on our local Executive Committee in 2016-17. Shereen currently chairs our local ETFO Political Action-Public Relations Committee. She is a member of the Health and Safety Committee. She is also a member of the local Collective Bargaining Committee and the local Table Team that will work to negotiate the best local Collective Agreement with our school board on your behalf. She is currently enrolled in ETFO’s Collective Bargaining Academy to hone her negotiation skills. Shereen brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to improving your working conditions and promoting public education.