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Equity and Social Justice Committee

2017-2019 Committee:

Cindy Becker, Jennie Wright, Amy Bryan, Jackie Hoogwerf, Taylor Kelly, Angela Lacelle

Chair: Jennie Wright

Sec: Jackie Hoogwerf

Resources for First Nations, Inuit and Metis Education

June is National Aboriginal History Month in Canada, and June 21st is National Aboriginal Day.  Whether we are able to take our classes to a nearby celebration, or just want to make our students aware of  the aboriginal face of Canada, here are some resources to expand that toolkit.  In fact, since aboriginal issues are integrated into the Ontario curriculum, we can and should focus on aboriginal awareness at any time of the year.  

Orange Shirt Day on September 30th is another day that merits special attention, as we honour and remember  the children of the residential schools.

1.  Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

This comprehensive website provides pages on the history of our First Nations, the Residential Schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Committee findings, current news, and many other topics.  For classroom resources, check out the Aboriginal Arts, Culture and Heritage page.  The Kids’ Stop subsection is particularly worth a visit.

2.  Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario FNMI Resource Page

This website offers on-line resources on topics ranging from stereotypes to the protocols for inviting elders to visit the classroom; PDF classroom resources; links to classroom videos, and teacher resources that can be purchased from the ETFO Store.   

3.  Project of Heart

This is a project of the First Nation Child and Family Caring Society.  It contains education resources for K – 12 teachers, including information on Jordan’s Principle (equity of access to resources available to all other Canadians) and Shannen’s Dream (equity of access to education).  Dr. Cindy Blackstock, who chairs the Society and sits on the faculty at McGill University, was put under surveillance by the Harper government after invoking the U.N. Charter of Human Rights on federal treatment of First Nations children.

4.  Walking Together:  First Nations, Metis and Inuit Perspectives in Curriculum

This Alberta resource is for educators, although much of the content is suitable for students.  It provides information on oral tradition, indigenous pedagogy, and aboriginal and treaty rights, to name just a few categories.  Much  of this is delivered through interviews with elders, and is in video format.  Although the focus is on Alberta history and culture, it is an excellent resource for all educators.

5.  Orange Shirt Day

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has put together a package of resources and grade-specific lesson plans to help teachers explain the history of the residential schools.  In addition to the lesson plans, it offers links to different sites that offer further information.

6.  Aboriginal Perspectives:  A Guide to the Teachers’ Toolkit

From the Ontario Ministry of Education, this page includes the Toolkit document itself and a cross-section of links and teaching strategies to correspond with the lesson plans.  It also includes links to the curriculum expectations regarding aboriginal history and culture.

7.  Ontario Teachers’ Federation

This extremely comprehensive resource provides links to FNMI media, documentaries, First Nations councils.


8.   Infusing Aboriginal Perspectives Into Your Teaching Practice

This is OISE’s resource page for and about aboriginal education.  It includes reading lists, both print and PDF; and some links to other sites.  Not all the links are active, but the site is still worth a visit.

Do you have a resource that isn’t mentioned here?  Please email it to us at office@etfo-ucl.on.ca and we’ll add it to the list!